5 Apps That You Must Install On Your Smartphone, Number 4 That You Should Try

5 Apps That You Must Install On Your Smartphone, Number 4 That You Should Try

If you want to earn money you can try using trading app. And if you want to spend your free time watching movies at home, you can choose the number 4 application to watch the most sought-after free movies.
The rapid advancement of technology makes us able to do many things easily and quickly. For example, currently we can only buy stocks through trading applications.
Not only that, now we can watch our favorite movies without having to go to the cinema. Just by using the app or website.

You need to know first, the applications that we recommend below are legal and free programs and are free from copyright issues.

Here are the best application references ranging from trading to watching free movies that can be accessed legally! Want to know what the list is? Read the explanation below!


1. StockBit – The Smart Way to Invest in Stocks & Mutual Funds
Ajaib is an investment application that has been OJK under the auspices of PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia and PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia. This app provides a wide selection of stocks and mutual funds at low brokerage fees.

The account creation process is 100% online and only takes 5 minutes. For the verification process, it is quite easy and without meeting the agent, which is only with a photo of your ID card and a selfie while showing your ID card.

The appearance of the application is very friendly for beginners and is coupled with various features such as alarms and news highlights. In addition, this application also provides stock analysis with good performance. Even expert level trading users or players also share their analysis.

2. MetaTrader 4 – Forex Trading Apps
The first forex trading application for beginners is an application made by MetaQuotes Software Corp, namely Meta Trader 4. This application is very popular and is even the most widely used in forex broker advertisements.

This application has a flexible trading system that makes it easy for users to carry out technical analysis. In fact, this application can connect with hundreds of forex brokers and display price quotes in real time.

3. Binance – Apps For Trading Cryptocurrency
Binance is a crypto exchange that was founded in 2017 and is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. As a Market exchange that only provides crypto assets, Binance achieves a very high volume of transactions.

Apart from Bitcoin, there are also many potential and tested Altcoins available for listing on Binance. The company based in the Cayman Islands also has an ecosystem called the Binance SmartChain (BEP-20).

Some of the interesting features are the staking feature, trading using leverage and margin, and we can send or give gifts to fellow Binance users at no cost. In addition, there is also a buying and selling feature among users (P2P).

If you have problems accessing or using the Binance application, you can contact customer support who is ready to help 24 hours.

4. Netflix – Applications Watch Streaming Movies

Want to know what are the movie streaming application recommendations? Instead of being curious, let’s look at the following free video watching applications on Android! Some are 100% free and some are paid! Oh yeah, the first one might be the app you want the most!

Netflix is the largest streaming service provider for movies and TV series in the world. There are so many great movies and series that you can enjoy by downloading Netflix.

Not only does it provide movies and series, this application for watching free movies with Indo Sub even makes Netflix movies and TV series that are aired exclusively on this platform.

You can watch your favorite movies for free for 30 days with the Free Trial by registering via credit card on the best movie watching application on this laptop and cellphone.

5. IPOT – Best Apps For Trading Forex
The last recommendation is a stock trading application called IPOT. This IPOT is a stock application from Indo Premier Sekuritas. The advantage of this stock application is that there is no minimum deposit required so it is highly recommended for those of you who want to start investing or trading stocks with small capital. For the fee charged per transaction, the share selling fee is 0.29% and the share purchase fee is 0.19%.

Another advantage of this stock application is that the registration process can be done by yourself online through the application without the need to meet face-to-face or come to the branch office. In addition, the IPOT stock application also offers a Robo Trading feature that will automatically execute all buy and sell order instructions on stocks and prices that have been predetermined so you won’t miss a moment.

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