Airbus joins the proposal for a private space station

The creation of a commercial space station that may displace the ISS is being assisted by Airbus. To promote the Starlab project, the aircraft maker will collaborate with the American business Voyager Space.The aging International Space Station (ISS) may be replaced with a commercial space station built by the European aerospace and aircraft maker Airbus. When American business Voyager Space develops, builds, and operates the Starlab station, Airbus intends to take part.

In 2028, Starlab will be launched into orbit.According to Voyager Space and Airbus, a joint venture is in the works. Starlab will be sent into orbit in 2028, based on current plans.The space station would provide several research facilities, contributing significantly to the field of space research. The Hilton hotel chain is also a collaborator in the design of the living spaces in addition to Voyager Space.

replacing the ISS with a number of space stationsAt the end of the decade, the ISS will be progressively taken apart and brought down. It’s becoming clear that there won’t be just one huge structure, but a number of stations.By the end of 2021, the Voyager business Nanoracks had won $160 million from NASA for the creation of Starlab. Airbus was hired by Voyager Space in January to offer technical assistance and knowledge for the project.

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