ATX paper IMMOFINANZ share: This is how much investors would have lost on an early IMMOFINANZ investment

Ten years ago today, the IMMOFINANZ share was traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The shares closed at EUR 24.55 on this day. An investor would currently own 4.074 shares in his portfolio if he had first invested EUR 100 in the IMMOFINANZ share. The initial investment would now be worth EUR 74.23 as the closing price of a share on July 28, 2023 was EUR 18.22. Consequently, there has been a loss of 25.77 percent.

The most recent market valuation of IMMOFINANZ was EUR 2.51 billion.

Please be aware that the aforementioned computation does not account for dividend payments or stock splits.

IMMOFINANZ’s chosen leverage goods
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