German new registrations increased for electric vehicles in July, and Tesla had a solid first quarter.

In Germany, 243,277 new passenger vehicles were registered in July, an admirable 18.1 percent higher than in the same month last year. Pure electric car sales increased to a round 20 percent of total sales due to growth that was once again considerably above normal. That is supported by statistics that the Federal Motor Transport Authority released this past Friday. Tesla saw one of the highest growth rates, up 226 percent from June 2022. But for three Chinese-owned electric vehicle firms, it was much more obvious.

In July, there were 3905 new Tesla registrations.

According to KBA statistics, a total of 3905 new Tesla electric vehicles entered German roads in June 2023, comprising a variety of models that have not yet been publicly disclosed. For the beginning of a new quarter, that is a high number. Only once previously had Tesla registered more brand-new German registrations in the first month: There were 4241 units in January of this year, which is a significant increase of 900% from the first of 2022. The start record, though, may still have had a sizable December overhang. Tesla committed in November 2022 to making up the falling environmental bonus for orders placed before the end of the year even if delivery was delayed until 2023.

Thus, a total of 268,926 new electric vehicles were registered in Germany in the first seven months of this year, accounting for 16.4% of the country’s overall passenger automobile market. A total of 40,289 Tesla Model 3s, Model Ys, Model Ss, and Model Xs were a part of this total, making up slightly under 15% of all new registrations for the all-electric vehicle market. Only until the KBA releases more specific data, which typically takes place a few days after the initial monthly statistics, will it be clear whether this was sufficient to propel Tesla to the top of the market.

Chinese electric car manufacturers are expanding quickly.

According to earlier data, Tesla’s growth from July 2022 to July 2023 was a staggering 229.8 percent, but three other brands actually outpaced Tesla in terms of growth. Smart had the highest percentage (637%) followed by Polestar (442%) and MG (235%). Polestar, a producer of all-electric vehicles similar to Tesla, is a joint venture between Volvo Cars and the Chinese Geely Group. Additionally, the latter has a 50% share in smart, another vehicle slated to go all electric. Additionally, SAIC from China now owns the British brand MG, which sells virtually solely electric vehicles in Europe.

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