In the USA, pharmaceutical behemoths Roche and Novartis square off.

According to reports, Roche lost money in the USA as a result of Novartis. A patent infringement is what’s behind it. The lawsuit is now in court.

In the US, Roche is suing Novartis. In New Jersey District Court, Roche subsidiary Genentech has brought legal action against Novartis subsidiary Sandoz. The explanation is a lung medicine called Esbriet patent violation.

This is supported by the Monday-filed indictment, which news agency AWP was able to receive. The case was initially covered by Reuters.

Genentech is upset that Sandoz began offering a generic version of Esbriet in mid-May 2022 despite the fact that Sandoz had not yet submitted a licensing application. This violated a patent owned by Genentech. Esbriet’s generic replacement has severely harmed the Roche subsidiary’s finances, it said. In 2021, Esbriet reported revenues of more than $740 million in the United States alone.

Genentech is currently requesting damages. The sum will be decided in the court case, it continued. Included in the damages should be any lost revenue and/or the proper royalties. The legal fees will also be covered by Sandoz.

A Sandoz representative told Reuters that the business “remains proud” to provide a generic version of Esbriet to patients in the United States and that it will defend itself against the case.

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