Lego recreates the famed supersonic airplane in a replica.

The Concorde made its final flight around 20 years ago, and now Lego is allowing enthusiasts to relive those unforgettable moments in model form.

In September 2023, Lego will release a Concorde set with more than 2,000 pieces. 9to5Toys received this tip.

Aimed towards adult aviation enthusiasts, the set. It should take five to six hours to build the detailed model. The set costs roughly 200 euros, which is not cheap but is far less than the formerly horrifying Concorde airplane ticket pricing.

developed in France and England
The British Aircraft Corporation and Aérospatiale firms collaborated with England and France to create the Concorde in the 1960s. With a flight length of about three to three and a half hours between London and New York, the supersonic jet still outperforms every other commercial passenger aircraft even today. British Airways and Air France started scheduled flights with it in 1976.

However, the enterprise rapidly turned out to be a financial failure. The massive fuel consumption, noise pollution-related overflight limitations, and—last but not least—the 2000 disaster of an Air France plane signaled the end of the supersonic engine in passenger use.

When a true supersonic passenger plane will take flight again is yet unknown. Although startups like Boom Supersonic are developing Concorde replacements, it will be some time before they begin carrying people. We’ll simply have to wait and see, and make Lego models, till then.

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