Markus Lesser, the CEO of PNE, is reaffirmed as a member of the Board of Management.

Cuxhaven Markus Lesser, Chairman of the Board of Management, will be appointed to the Board of Management for a further four years, through December 31, 2027, by the Supervisory Board of PNE AG. The Chief Financial Officer, on the other hand, will change. The Supervisory Board and Jörg Klowat, the company’s CFO, have mutually agreed that there won’t be a new CFO appointed for PNE AG, which has its headquarters in Cuxhaven.

As a result, Klowat’s contract will end on March 31, 2024. Klowat will still be available for a few months following the conclusion of a Board of Management service contract and will finish current projects assigned to him. However, Klowat would want to change careers at his own option in the near future. Planning for the successors to

We are thrilled with Markus Lesser’s reappointment. Per Hornung Pedersen, chairman of the supervisory board, said that this will provide continuity in the operations of the management board. According to Pedersen, the strategic realignment to become a provider of sustainable energy solutions was highly successful after the goal of Scale up 1.0 was attained in 2023 and may thus be constantly pursued with the Scale up 2.0 plan.

The contract’s duration is determined by the target date for completing the Scale up 2.0 strategy.

Markus Lesser served in the renewable energy industry for many years before being named to the Executive Board on May 1, 2011. As a member of the Executive Board, he was originally in charge of managing the business operations and project development there. Markus Lesser, who has held the post of Chairman of the Board of Management of PNE AG since May 26, 2016, will be reappointed to the Board of Management for the period from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2027, and he will continue to do so.

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