Mercedes van reloaded: the utilitarian juggernaut looks better

For the second time, Mercedes is currently polishing the V-Class and all of its variations. The W447, which has been in production for just about ten years and is currently creating a reputation for itself principally due to its radiator mascot, radiator grille frame with illumination, and new colors, has already been thoroughly examined by

There are some car displays that linger in the memory for sure. One of these occasions is the V-Class. However, in the frankly somewhat mass-produced sounding RheinMain Kongresscenter Wiesbaden, there wouldn’t be such a revolutionary new car. However, the structure has intriguing architectural features, which become apparent as soon as you enter the building through the door and see how delightfully decadent the wood-paneled walls seem.

Of course, Mercedes claims to have a “new V-Class,” but is most definitely not buying it. You might be wondering what’s supposed to be so fantastic now that I’ve veered off subject. Now let’s take a closer look at the Marco Polo (camper) and the V-Class or EQV: And what is notable? On demand, the V-Class receives a traditional radiator mascot. We’re referring to the Mercedes star on the hood, you know. This recognizable Mercedes feature, which the Swabians even withhold from the C-Class – at least in Europe – for long time. This is complemented with elegant-looking five-spoke alloy wheels that are reminiscent of those that have been featured on the top S-Class models for many years.

Given that Mercedes will debut the new vehicles on the “Van.EA” platform as early as 2026, that is somewhat of a given. Internal combustion engines won’t exist anymore, yet there will still be a 500-kilometer range. Hopefully there will also be the option of quick charging using an 800-volt electrical supply. But let’s get back to what is apparently the traditional V-Class’s final growth step.

Soon, V-Class will provide additional safety and infotainment.

Mercedes mentions “enhancing the appeal” in its own words, which may very well be the case. After all, you can now take advantage of a 64-color ambient light in the V-Class. At this point, are you grinning? However, that matters for Asian markets. Let’s be serious now: The V-Class triumphs with the widescreen (a total of about 25 inches of display space). Additionally, there is the potent, newly improved voice control, which responds to the word “hey Mercedes!” and carries out several orders silently. The Transporter models only receive a single 10.25-inch monitor and less display space overall. And the speedometer part in this case still contains the mechanical display needles. One might ponder why not. Ideally, pure

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