Of dissatisfied expats in Germany and robots that are superior than humans

Hello and welcome to the August 15 edition of the t3n Daily. Today, we’ll discuss about bots that can successfully answer captchas more often than people. Additionally, German expats are among the unhappiest in the world and have touchscreens that can withstand moisture.

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Captchas: Bots are more efficient than people
According to a research, captcha tests that are meant to prevent bots are working less well against computers. Captcha accuracy ranged from 50 to 84 percent for humans, but ranged from 85 to 100 percent for bots. The tests took between nine and fifteen seconds for humans, but less than one second for the robots. Captchas need to be modified in order to be more effective against bots.

German expats are depressed and lonely.
Expats, or persons who live and work outside of their native country, do not do well in Germany. The apparent causes are that the property market is limited, the internet infrastructure is lacking, and German is a somewhat challenging language. However, expats often see shortcomings on the human side: they want for a friendly, open society.

Oneplus: New touchscreen is waterproof.
With innovative technology that also makes wet touchscreens usable, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oneplus hopes to succeed. In a video, Oneplus demonstrates how effectively this works as the future Ace 2 Pro must compete with an iPhone in the rain. It is obvious from the comparison that the Oneplus gadget performs better.


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