One Euro is spent on a Big Mac! This is the driving force behind McDonald’s revolutionary burgers.

The formula at McDonald’s has changed after 50 years.
“Our best hamburgers taste even better now.” McDonald’s makes this claim. Effective immediately, the fast-food juggernaut is serving revisions to ALL of its burgers for us in Germany.
The burgers (meat patties): The beef burger is now immediately topped with onions while it’s still grilling, claims McDonald’s. This supposedly enhances taste. The onions were formerly served uncooked after sizzling on the burger.
The rolls: McDonald’s doesn’t respond to the question of whether they’ve shrunk on their own website. Instead, the business stresses the existence of a novel production technique. In theory, this will make the rolls “fluffier.” They would also be roasted for a little bit longer.
More are now included with the Big Mac.

What if the clients don’t like it? McDonald’s doesn’t believe that. The modifications are effective right away and forever! RTL will carry out the test; we shall report!
The firm is offering the Big Mac for one euro in an effort to get people into the restaurants. Please read on to learn how YOU obtain it.

Will the pricing at McDonald’s also change?
Do the modifications also result in altered pricing for consumers? McDonald’s claims that the local branches make this decision. The fast-food chain is a franchise, so the individual locations are free to determine their own prices. In spite of this, the business provides “non-binding price recommendations” that are routinely “reviewed and also adjusted if necessary.”


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