PvdA and GroenLinks wish to run in elections jointly but haven’t decided on a list leader.

PvdA and GroenLinks wish to run in elections jointly but haven’t decided on a list leader.

Members of the PvdA and GroenLinks will vote this week on whether the two parties will run together in the elections. There will be one list leader in that situation as well. However, whether that should be Frans Timmermans, for example, is something that party officials are currently keeping quiet about.

“How we move forward is up to the members,” stated GroenLinks Chairman Katinka Eikelenboom during a news conference in The Hague. “We are ready for it.” PvdA head Esther-Mirjam Sent stated that there is “a strong desire among members to join forces.” Members will have seven days to voice their opinions. The polls end on July 17.

Attje Kuiken (PvdA) and Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) have previously predicted the outcome. Kuiken intends to form a “left-wing cabinet and a left-wing prime minister.” Klaver believes that a “united left” is required since parliament has grown “less powerful” as a result of the enormous number of factions. For the time being, both maintain mute about their personal objectives and will not reveal who their dream list leader candidate is.

They do, however, target VVD leader Mark Rutte, whom Kuiken accuses of blowing apart his fourth administration “for his own gain.” She refers to him as “unreliable” and refuses to serve in a government with Rutte: “No, because Rutte has broken the rules.” Klaver did not want to go that far, but he believes Rutte is “unworthy of his office.”

Both sides’ actions are unsurprising. Klaver stated his support for a single list in an email to cabinet members following the cabinet’s demise. Both parties’ supporters previously mandated that in fresh elections, members be permitted to speak out on combined participation. This could also be accomplished by a members’ congress, but this option was not chosen. Typically, such a congress is attended mostly by active party members, but the PvdA and GroenLinks want all members to have a say.

Joining forces.

GroenLinks already had a party vote in the run-up to the national elections on whether to create a combined Upper House group with the PvdA. The PvdA chose to join forces after receiving a resounding ‘yes’. Nonetheless, the parties ran separate ballots in the elections.

The plan now is to go one step further and run in the elections with a single list. That would be another step toward a party merger, although no decision on this is likely before the elections.


If PvdA and GroenLinks establish a single list, there will be just one list leader. GroenLinks has had a double list leader in the past, but legal regulations require that only one name appears at the top of the list.

The Hague’s hallways are already buzzing with speculation about who might be the final head of such a joint list. The names of European Commissioner Frans Timmermans, Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb, and Amsterdam Alderwoman Marjolein Moorman frequently appear in the Dutch Labour Party.

A senior member of the Green Left, in addition to party head Klaver, might raise his finger. So yet, no one has explicitly indicated a desire to pull the cart.

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