Sales, particularly in Stellantis, cause the Euro Stoxx 50 to lose money (4,352 points).

Trading in securities has led to some mild pessimism among investors. The Euro Stoxx 50 index, however, decreased by 0.72 percent from its closing value on the previous trading day. The index is now being quoted at 4,352 points.

The day’s trading winners

The papers of Deutsche Telekom, Safran, and Inditex stand out well at the moment. The price rise for Deutsche Telekom security is the largest. Its cost went up by 0.47 percent. Investors are currently purchasing the share on the stock exchange for 18.98 euros. Integrated telecommunications services are provided by Deutsche Telekom AG and its subsidiaries. Safran’s stock price also increased significantly. Compared to the closing price of the previous day, its price rose by 0.45%. The safety of Safran is

Stellantis, Prosus, and Nokia stood out badly among the Euro Stoxx 50 stocks. Stellantis’s security is last in line. Stellantis shares are now trading on the stock exchange for 16.97 euros. This translates as a loss of 2.52%. Shares of Prosus are now cheaper as well. 2.24 percent less than the closing price of the previous trading day. The most recent quotation for the Prosus share was 65.96 euros. The price of Nokia is likewise declining (down 1.81 percent). Nokia stock now costs 3.54 euros.

The Euro Stoxx 50’s year-to-date balance is worsened by the discount of today. Since the year’s start, the price barometer has increased by 14.73 percent. The top 50 shares from the 50 participating European nations that use the euro as their common currency make up the Euro Stoxx 50. This sets it apart from the Stoxx Europe 50 Index, which includes all of Europe. A division of Deutsche Börse AG, Stoxx Ltd calculates both indices. The composition of the Euro Stoxx 50 is strictly based on rules, taking into account both the sector that the companies are in as well as the market capitalization of the free float. The weighted average of each chosen share’s market capitalisation is used to calculate the index’s weight.


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