JinkoSolar: Save the date! Both a crash and a turnaround are possible.

Investors are presently avoiding solar equities because of the solar industry’s subpar corporate outcomes. JinkoSolar is not exempt from this either. Recently, the share hit a new yearly low. It will be thrilling the following week since the Chinese want to publish business financial results for the second quarter.

More specifically, it arrives on Monday for the major confrontation. According to Bloomberg, nine analysts anticipate earnings per share of $1.77 and sales of $3.978 billion for the second quarter. Sales are predicted to increase by around 15% compared to the first quarter, but earnings per share are predicted to decline by roughly 18%.

Horror index

The share has dropped more than 50% from its price of 73 euros at the start of July last year. After a small upswing at the beginning of the year, the share price continued to decline. The chart reflects this by being graphic. The company’s results on Monday will have a significant impact on the share’s future performance. Further turmoil is a possibility if the share price does not hold close to the 30 euro level. The price is anticipated to decrease further as a result of the recent poor economic statistics from China, which suggests that JinkoSolar may disappoint investors with the results.

The DER AKTIONR Solar Top 10 Index includes JinkoSolar as a member. Maxeon Solar, SolarEdge, and Encavis are more index participants. Investors can practically have a one-to-one participation in the growth of 10 solar enterprises with the index certificate WKN DA0AAV.

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