Share news for Telefonica Deutschland: Losses for Telefonica Deutschland in the afternoon

On Monday afternoon, one of the losses of the day was the Telefonica Deutschland share. The stake of Telefonica Deutschland decreased most recently. The stock decreased by 3.3 percent to EUR 1.82 in XETRA trading.

The paper for Telefonica Deutschland was sent down by shareholders. The share decreased 3.3 percent during the XETRA session to EUR 1.82 at 15:52. In the meanwhile, the Telefonica Deutschland share declined to EUR 1.82. The stock’s opening price was EUR 1.85. 6,945,820 shares of Telefonica Deutschland have been exchanged to far.

On May 4, 2023, the stock achieved its most recent 52-week high of EUR 3.15. With a price increase of 73.52 percent, Telefonica Deutschland shares might once more achieve the 52-week high. The share’s 52-week low was hit on August 7, 2023, at a price of EUR 1.82. The 52-week low would once more be achieved from the present price level with losses of 0.06 percent.

Experts predicted a mean price goal of EUR 2.72.
Telefonica Deutschland provided a statement on July 26, 2023, regarding its major financial metrics for the quarter that concluded on June 30, 2023. Telefonica Deutschland reported revenues of EUR 2,101.00 for the most recent quarter. In comparison to the previous year’s result, this represents an increase of 7.97%. A total of EUR 1,946.00 had been produced at that point.
The key numbers for Q3 2023 are anticipated to be released by Telefonica Deutschland on November 7, 2023. According to experts, Telefonica Deutschland will release its third quarter 2024 financial results on October 30, 2024.
The estimated 2023 profits per Telefonica Deutschland share is EUR 0.073, according to experts.

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