Softbank announces its upcoming $1 billion loss.

In the second quarter, the Japanese tech investor reported a loss of over three billion euros. On the other hand, the “Vision Fund” generated a profit.

Tokyo Significant investment share price declines have caused Softbank to report a third consecutive quarterly loss. The shares of firms like Deutsche Telekom, its U.S. mobile subsidiary T-Mobile, and Chinese online retailer Alibaba lost up to 20% of their value in recent months, and the Japanese technology investor reported a loss of around three billion euros on Tuesday. After Softbank suffered losses of about 20 billion euros during the same time previous year, analysts had anticipated a gain of 484 million euros.

The Vision Fund, the group’s principal investment vehicle, had a surplus of close to one billion euros, turning a profit once more. This was due to Softbank’s investment in the chip designer Arm, almost all of whose designs

Softbank highlighted that it will continue to approach new investments with caution and prudence. Currently, the purchases were concentrated on the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and industries with promising futures.

More: According to reports, Arm plans to list at a price of up to $70 billion.

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