Student Credit Card Debt.

Credit card debt does not shy away from anyone who does not want to avoid it. It treats everyone equally regardless of whether the individual is a seasoned professional or just a student.
So student credit card debt is also not uncommon.
Because the credit limit on student credit cards is much lower, student credit card debt cannot rise to the level that occurs on other credit cards. 
However, student credit card debt is a bigger threat as many students are in debt because of the loans they take out for their education. If they graduate from college with student credit card debt, they have to repay not only the loans they took out for studies but also their student credit card debt.
Since most students are inexperienced in using credit cards, they can easily fall prey to what we call ‘student credit card debt’. 
In fact, student credit card debt is one of the reasons credit card vendors maintain lower credit limits on student credit cards. 
The solution to avoiding student credit card debt is similar to avoiding all types of credit card debt. So, the first thing to avoid student credit card debt is to understand the concept that credit cards are not free money and that anything you pay using your credit card must be paid back to the credit card vendor when you charge your credit card. arrived.
So don’t treat credit cards apart from kontan. Avoid overspending, e.g. don’t buy something just because it’s on sale, sales keep coming and going and there’s always a better offer all the time; only buy the things you really need. 
A good thing to do is to prepare your monthly budget and follow it religiously. Never succumb to your budget. Another very important precaution to avoid student credit card debt is to avoid using a second credit card. 
Some students have a tendency to choose multiple credit cards simply because the credit limit on student credit cards is very low. Still, it’s the perfect recipe for getting into student credit card debt. This is how student credit card debt piles up. One credit card is more than enough for each student.
Student credit cards are really meant to be treated like a training ground for learning more about credit cards. Cannot be used as debt instruments (student credit card debt).

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