The Manufacturing-X data room’s blueprint research is presented by VDMA and ZVEI.

The research, in particular, considers the unique demands that manufacturing businesses have on SMEs and their expectations for a safe and value-generating digital data economy.

According to Hartmut Rauen, Deputy Managing Director of VDMA, “The blueprint study provides an important impetus for the future Manufacturing-X data space and is a milestone for its design and development.” “After all, Manufacturing-X’s architecture will be crucial in determining what additional value businesses can derive from the data,”

emphasize data security and flexibility

The research adopted a complete strategy that examines fundamental services and organizational factors in addition to the digital architecture in order to be able to establish a safe data room from the start. Another goal is to create Manufacturing-X in such a way that the unique needs of the participating businesses may be quickly and dynamically created.

Manufacturing-X is dependent on current standards.

In the future, small and medium-sized businesses in particular will be able to share their data with third parties on an equal basis and trade it more readily. We are advancing current standards with Manufacturing-X, including the Asset Administration Shell, OPC UA in the context of Umati, and the usage of so-called EDC connections. Gunther Koschnick, division manager for industry at ZVEI, emphasized that the goal is to integrate as many participants as possible while maintaining the highest level of interoperability. The blueprint research demonstrates how this interaction may occur.

In keeping with the organization of the mechanical engineering and electronics sectors, the ensuing data ecosystems serve a wide variety of participants. The industry has a one-of-a-kind chance to improve its sustainability, competitiveness, and resilience through Manufacturing-X.

collaboration with corporate partners, deepening

The blueprint study for Manufacturing-X will be improved in the next stage in close coordination with industry partners. The input and knowledge gathered from these “deep dives” will be applied to further enhance Manufacturing-X’s final implementation and guarantee that it satisfies the industry’s unique requirements.

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