The wealthiest lady in Germany shops

Susanne Klatten, the richest woman in Germany, wants to increase the scope of her ideas. She purchases the majority of the insulation systems expert Von Roll Holding as the proprietor of the specialized chemicals company Altana.

With the primary owners and management of the Swiss insulation systems expert Von Roll Holding, specialty chemicals company Altana has agreed to buy 84.3 percent of the company’s outstanding shares for CHF 0.86 per share. The business makes a public tender offer for all of the shares of Von Roll Holding at the same price. As a result, Altana will own a majority of the Swiss corporation. The offer reflects a 306 million euro valuation of the firm.

This means that the German von Finck family of entrepreneurs is passing on its stake in Von Roll to the German Klatten family of entrepreneurs. August von Finck Junior, who died in 2021, had bought into Von Roll more than 20 years ago.

Klatten keeps purchasing

Klatten received the first portion of her inheritance from her father, Herbert Quandt, who passed away in 1982, but she has since been able to triple it by playing a far more active part in the family than was customary up to that point. She now persists in believing it.

Von Roll is among the oldest businesses in Switzerland, having been established in 1823. The energy revolution is currently being driven by the former iron group. The business, for instance, is a world leader in the electrical insulation systems used in wind turbines. Von Roll produced net revenues of 227.7 million Swiss francs (236.2 million euros) for the fiscal year 2022. The Swiss corporation employs over 1,000 people and has 14 offices throughout the world.

Martin Babilas, CEO of Altana, said the company intends to increase its capacity for innovation with this purchase. By making targeted acquisitions, the corporation hopes to increase growth and advance the development of renewable and electrified energy sources.

The Altana Group’s history begins in 1873. The specialized chemicals company now has over 7,000 employees all across the world. More than 3 billion euros in revenues were produced by Altana in 2022. Each year, around 7% of this is allocated on research and development. As a result, the business is among the most inventive and rapidly expanding chemical enterprises worldwide.

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