This is the amount investors would have made if they had invested in Rightmove’s FTSE 100 paper share.

Rightmove shareholders who made investments years ago can now earn greatly.
-2.38% Rightmove 5.67 GBP
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Rightmove shares were traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) ten years ago. The shares closed at 2.45 GBP on this day. An investor who made a 10,000 GBP investment in Rightmove securities ten years ago would currently control 4,089,980 shares of the company. Given that the final price of the shares was 5.81 GBP on 01.08.2023, they would be worth 23,746.42 GBP. The value of the initial investment would have grown by 137.46 percent as a result.

The market capitalisation of Rightmove was recently estimated at 4.66 billion GBP.

Please be aware that the aforementioned computation does not account for dividend payments or stock splits.

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