This is the amount of profit that an early Meier Tobler investment would have generated, according to SPI paper Meier Tobler share.

The Meier Tobler share first traded on the SWX Swiss Exchange three years ago today. On this particular day, the paper’s closing price was 9.12 CHF. Investors who made a 1,000 CHF investment three years ago would currently own 109,649 Meier Tobler shares. Given that the final price of the securities was 47.10 CHF on 03/8/2023, they would be valued 5,164.47 CHF. The investment’s performance is +416.45 percent as a result.

The most recent market capitalization figure for Meier Tobler was 541.43 million CHF.

Please be aware that the aforementioned computation does not account for dividend payments or share splits.

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