Trading in Olympio Metals is down 2.56 percent today.

In the last 24 hours, Olympio Metals (OLY.AX) has decreased -2.56% (as of 07:45 on Friday, July 21, 2023 Central European Time). On international markets, one share of Olympio Metals stock is presently available for around $0.19 AUD. There are now 54.4 million Olympio Metals shares available. Olympio Metals now has a market value of AUD 10.6 million, and in the previous day, markets saw trading of shares worth AUD 14.9 thousand. Shares of Olympio Metals have increased 2.7% from the end of the previous month. AUD 0.16 is the latest 200 days’ simple moving average. In the last 52 weeks, the highest price of AUD 0.25 was seen on 03/07/2023. AUD 0.11 was the 52-week low on March 31, 2023.

The performance of connected stocks during the last day is shown below:
– Serko (SKO.AX) is presently trading at A$3.61 after rising 5.83%. The market value of Serko is at $404.4 million.
– Aroa Biosurgery (ARX.AX) is trading at AUD 0.93, unchanged by 0%. The market value of Aroa Biosurgery shares is at A$307.1 million.
– A2 Milk (A2M.AX) is presently trading at AUD 5.1, down -1.36%. The market value of A2 Milk is at A$3.5 billion. The price-to-earnings ratio for A2 Milk is currently 29.1.
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