What can the outdoor smartphone with a replaceable battery, the Gigaset GX4, do?

The German-made Gigaset GX4 is a brand-new outdoor smartphone. This page demonstrates the characteristics and capabilities of the gadget.

The Gigaset GX4 is a versatile device.
The Gigaset GX4 was created specifically to equip users for all eventualities. It is ideal for both work and daily responsibilities in the city. But it’s also great for things to do outside.

It is regarded as the ideal smartphone for individuals who are active. It complies with the MIL-STD-810H military standard for resistance and is waterproof and dust-proof according to IP68. This smartphone can resist a variety of stressors, whether they are caused by a demanding day at work or a trip into the great outdoors.

The GX4 is produced in Germany since it is created by the German company Gigaset. As a result, it also represents toughness and longevity. But the smartphone also impresses in terms of performance and robustness. The dependable 5000 mAh battery, which can be charged extremely quickly with up to 30 W, is to blame for this. Additionally easily feasible wirelessly, charging with up to 15 watts is now possible with the new Gigaset Wireless Fast Charger 2.0.

This sturdy is the GX4 case from Gigaset.
The GX4 easily resists effects like dust, water, and shocks. You won’t notice any issues with the Gigaset device where other cellphones would. A firm grip is provided by the polycarbonate back’s construction. Moreover, the display is secured.

The enclosure is constructed of double-injected TPU. Magnesium, aluminum, and titanium make up its frame. This makes it resistant to drops and powerful vibrations.

Another possible stressor for cellphones is heat. Additionally, integrated protection is offered here. Additionally, the Gigaset GX4 is regarded as waterproof for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters.

A unique feature is the replaceable battery.
Who hasn’t dealt with it: The battery on your smartphone runs out when you’re out and about. The phone stops working since there is no way to recharge it. Therefore, Gigaset has developed something unique for its GX4: It comes pre-equipped with a replaceable battery. The smartphone can operate normally for at least two days even without it. It lasts significantly longer when it is only in standby. If you must travel for a longer period of time, you may just bring the replaceable battery. In this manner, a smartphone

The GX4 from Gigaset’s design

The Gigaset GX4 has a lot to offer technically. On the other hand, the appearance differs slightly from other smartphones. Its outdoor aspect is unmistakable. Here, elegance is spared; strength takes center stage.

The case’s sides all shut orthogonally and have rounded corners. The metal edge of the case is shielded by a rubber covering for security. One or both of them may find this look offensive. But the GX4 is perfect for outdoor excursions or long workdays!

Military-grade MIL-STD-810H + IP68 dust and water resistance are included in the Gigaset GX4’s technical specifications.
5000 mAh powerful, long-lasting, and replaceable battery supports wireless fast charging at a rate of 15 W and very fast charging at a rate of 30 W.

LED notification LED (front) with LED spotlight ring (rear)
two LED flash two camera flat system: 8 MP ultra-wide angle and 48 MP wide angle
6.1″ HD+ V-Notch display with Corning┬« Gorilla┬« Glass protection and enhanced sunshine brightness (550 nits).
Strong octa-core CPU running at 2.2 GHzThe Gigaset service guarantee for the MediaTek Helio G99
an adjustable function key rapid access to particular features or applications
16 MP front camera for clear video calls and self-portraits
Triple slot: Dual SIM + 1 TB of memory expansion
Face recognition and a fingerprint scanner for biometric unlocking
even with wet hands and gloves, simple operation

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